“There have been a lot of times in my life when I did not know what to say, but there have been very few times when I did not know what to play.” Take a moment to visit me on Instagram:



It’s a challenge for venues and listeners to find artists as diverse and talented as Dixie. Both vocally and instrumentally, she finds a way to bring her own touch to every song she performs. Her voice compliments her songs perfectly, bridging the gap between bluegrass, country, and pop. Dixie has helped make our business a better place and and draws and encapsulates the crowd, every time she performs.

– Sam chapman and Aaron McCleary of O Street Studio, VA


Dixie’s sound is unique. Her background in classical training mixed with her light, clear tone give her performances of funky, classic rock tunes new fun and fresh vibes.

– Michell Tobias, Music Therapist, CA